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Eye Center

Importance of Eyes

Almost all of us long to have stunningly striking and attractive eyes, but how many of us really care for what we have! Now, this is a question best left unanswered. Close your eyes and imagine you have not ever seen the world and yourself. You will not have an idea with what it looks like when you can only feel it. Eyes are vital for the human body. It helps the human body to do its tasks with coordination. Without it, a man won’t be able to see the beauty of this wonderful world aside from the fact that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

We at Alabang Medical Center, acknowledged this significance and determined to address the growing need of our community. State of the art eye equipment can be found in our hospital namely:


a. Konan Specular Microscope 

b. Galilei corneal topographer 

c. OptoVue OCT 

d. Alcon OcuScan Biometer 

e. Carl Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer 

f. Carl Zeiss Visucam Fundus Camera with FA and ICG 

g. Nidec YAG laser


a. Leica Operating Microscope with assist scope and video 

b. Alcon Infiniti with Ozil and IP phacoemulsification system 

c. Alcon Constellation vitrectomy system 

d. UV-X Collagen Cross Linking Unit

Taking Care of our Eyes:

Diet holds the key for maintaining healthy eyes. Include a lot of green vegetable and fruits in your diet. They not only help you have an improved vision, but assist in keeping your eyes healthy and fit as well. Lack of Vitamin A can cause severe eye damage, so make sure to increase the intake of foods rich in the vitamin. Also, wearing contact lenses should not extend the duration to more than 12 hours. Though companies may claim of no-harm caused, it is after all an outside element. When worn for a long time, on continuous basis, contact lenses might cause permanent damage and discomfort.